If you're going to be evil then you need some words that show off your evilness. Here are just a few to get you started.

Dudebro (n) - These are typical white males in their twenties who doesn't realize how annoying they are with their very insecure man-child behavior. Typically one can find them by their excessive use of the words "dude" and "bro".

Dudebro #1: Dude, like bro, like dude, like you should totally check my new tats.

Dudebro #2: Bro, dude, that's like sweet justice of a tat, dude.

Dudebro #3: Duuuudddde bro sweet!

Asshole (n) – Either could be an arrogant prick who doesn't know when to stop and doesn't treat people with respect. Can be found on the internet or at the workplace.

"Did they just cut me off? ASSHOLES!"

Twatwaffle – Any person that is being such an asshole that they need a different word to describe their dipshit behavior.

Scene: Costco parking lot

"Yo, twatwaffle! You fucking cut me off earlier!"

Captain Numbnuts of the SS Fuckup (n) – A budebro or asshole who sprouts misogynistic bullshit that then gets mad when call out on said behavior.

"Oh come off it, fucking Captain NumbNuts of the SS Fuckup."

Crayola Ass Bitch (n) – For use when someone slut shames a person while having nothing but crayons on their page. Also used when Bye Felicia is not enough.

"Keep taking pictures of crayons Crayola ass bitch"

Do you have any words that should be added to the evil dictionary?