Rape culture depicted with gravity and celery as primary agents provocateurs

Art Frahm's is a world of nubile and disarmed young women with aggressively loose underwear to accompany their childlike innocence and purity. The marrying of innocent helplessness and the penetrating and puerile male gaze serve up these women as just this side of legal jailbait, post adolescent child porn. The pedestrian nature this era's soft porn is offset by the avant garde use of celery, it's enigmatic presence as observer and witness defers the question one must inevitably ask. Is the celery merely an object en tableau or does it function as something darker, powerful, and more mysterious? Do celery and gravity work as agents provocateurs upon the helpless elastic? Would these scenes never have taken place had broccoli been the choice for dinner, had peas been preferred? By what great chance was the artist present, paints in hand, easel and canvas at the ready when these gravitational field shifts occurred? Art Frahm may well have been our millennium's Nostradamus, his couplets rendered in cadmium red and cobalt blue rather than quatrains and couplets.