When you're plotting, enjoying schadenfreude, or feeling nefarious, what do you enjoy to listen to? Here are two of my favorites:

I Hope You Suffer, by AFI
"I've seen my darkest days/You gave each one to me
I've seen my darkest days/You gave each one to me
You have been lost for days/ May you find my darkness."

The song begins with a barbaric yarp, an animalistic call for vengeance...as if the band is summoning Cthulhu from the depths. When Davey Havok snarls, "I hope you suffer," I, as a listener, pictured my list of nemeses, and wished evil upon them.

Breath Of Life, by Florence + The Machine
"And my heart is a hollow plain/
For the Devil to dance again/
And the room is too quiet"

Florence is undoubtedly a talented vocalist, and wrote this song from Charlize Theron's Evil Queen character's perspective for Snow White And The Huntsmen. Theron's performance is totally gif worthy:

  • That being said, Florence + The Machine's tune totally encompasses the madness that can surround evil, and the thrill from the surge of power and agency it can bring to a female character, battling a patriarchal world.

I am not ashamed to admit that I rooted for Charlize Theron's Evil Queen Ravenna for the ENTIRE MOVIE.

So, my fellow iniquitous characters, what are your theme songs when you're feeling just evil enough?