Not the Lesser of Two Evils
Not the Lesser of Two Evils

When you're plotting, enjoying schadenfreude, or feeling nefarious, what do you enjoy to listen to? Here are two of my favorites:

I Hope You Suffer, by AFI
"I've seen my darkest days/You gave each one to me
I've seen my darkest days/You gave each one to me
You have been lost for days/ May you find my darkness."

The song begins with a barbaric yarp, an animalistic call for if the band is summoning Cthulhu from the depths. When Davey Havok snarls, "I hope you suffer," I, as a listener, pictured my list of nemeses, and wished evil upon them.

Breath Of Life, by Florence + The Machine
"And my heart is a hollow plain/
For the Devil to dance again/
And the room is too quiet"

Florence is undoubtedly a talented vocalist, and wrote this song from Charlize Theron's Evil Queen character's perspective for Snow White And The Huntsmen. Theron's performance is totally gif worthy:

  • That being said, Florence + The Machine's tune totally encompasses the madness that can surround evil, and the thrill from the surge of power and agency it can bring to a female character, battling a patriarchal world.

I am not ashamed to admit that I rooted for Charlize Theron's Evil Queen Ravenna for the ENTIRE MOVIE.

So, my fellow iniquitous characters, what are your theme songs when you're feeling just evil enough?

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